Beautiful images and wonderfully created events guaranteed.

This one says it all. It’s straightforward and true to our mission. We’re taking all of the years of experience that we have whether vendor management, event creation, the come-up as photographers and artists, or the years of shooting different styles and advancing as artists. It always leads back to one thing, quality over quantity. Our main goal here is to provide the highest quality that we can as far as the product itself, and the overall experience. We want our couples to feel love when they see what we can do, rather than just a business that's meeting it’s obligations.

A couple that treats you like you and captures and creates an event just for you.

We love people for who they are. We have worked for many couples over the years from many different walks of life and traditions and we’ve learned a little something from each one of them while enjoying their events. We love to share our ideas with our couples as well as hear theirs. In a way we’re creating these moments together. But our main goal here is to give couples an experience as closely of a match to them as humanly possible.


If you would have caught us a couple years back, we would’ve had a calendar year the size of Texas filled with weddings. We averaged 30+ weddings per year, and in many cases it was a wild ride and a fun one. But the fact is that we wanted to hone our focus down to 10 select couples per year and give them our all. We feel it creates a better experience, but also a better finished product as we have more attention to detail and creativity to give our couples.

We created DLGM Weddings in 2013 as aspiring artists trying to create something with our passion and love for couples. We are proud of the brand it has become today and look forward to the many more years where we can share and laugh and love the days of our couples.

-Gregory and Danielle Martin

Husband + Wife

Co-Founders + Co-Creators