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When you know, you know.

Hello couples, we're Greg and Danielle, a husband and wife who started this little gem in 2012 to photograph and plan for lovely couples. We've won a few awards over the years. No big deal. We aren't in it for that. But sure, recognition is nice.

We are here to work with lasting relationships and help cater and develop them throughout this process. As we know, it can be a wild ride planning a Wedding and we love that our creativity and process plays its helpful role.


Capturing and creating beautiful events, guaranteed.

We’re using all of the years of experience that we have whether vendor management, event creation or the come-up as creatives.

We want our couples to feel love when they see what we do and to know, it was all for them.

A couple that treats you like you.

In a way we’re creating these events together, so we love sharing in ideas.

We're building an experience as authentic and close to our couples as possible in a way that can be implemented on budget and on time, creatively.


Every. Couple. Is. Our. Focus. 


We look forward to many more years of sharing and laughing and creating with our couples.

Hopefully, you'll be one of them.

-Gregory and Danielle Martin

Husband + Wife

Co-Founders + Co-Creators

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