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We are Danielle and Greg, the owners of DLGM Photography. We started our business six years ago after being photography students and assistants. We specialize in photojournalistic and traditional styles trying to capture our couples intimately. Our favorites are the couples formals when it's just the two of them...when everything quiets down, and they finally have a moment to themselves.

Weddings are busy amazing celebrations of two people joining in front of the most important people in their lives. We've had the honor of photographing so many couples from so many different walks of life, and their guests as well. The best part is their stories. At the altar, over toasts. That is when you get to know the good stuff. 

There is more to what we do than the dress, shoes, etc. We love all of those things, but if that was all that we wanted to photograph, that would be all that we photograph. Haha. 

Each wedding has been different for us because it ultimately comes from the creative mind of a couple we have never photographed before and their loved ones. 

Recognizing that, we do the same. We walk into each wedding, ready to photograph something new. We cater to each moment of the day trying to capture that shot: interacting with guests with laughter, enjoying good food, having that wonderful dance, and of course, making those personal and sacred vows.

And at the end, when the day of celebration is over, we try to stitch a storyline that is custom and provide editing that is unique. 

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