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Danielle fell in love with black and white film as a high school student. She liked to incorporate artistic styles to telling a story....Later finding out that she was a Photojournalist.

Greg grew up the typical kid who would fill up a Polaroid camera in a matter of minutes, taking pictures of unnecessary things. Needless to say, his parents didn’t really appreciate how quickly he would fill up a camera and that he would ask them to pay for developing those images.

It wasn’t until college that Danielle and Greg met each other. Both from extremely different worlds, found each other to be extremely interesting. Greg was the rebellious musician - believe it or not, and Danielle was the cleaned up athlete.

Fast forward to "second college" after moving to San Francisco for art school, they learned the hands-on techniques when working with cameras, lighting and objectively focusing on different subjects. 

Years later, they found their home in San Francisco studios assisting on set for many of the food, product and interior design shots you see in public today. 

...For those who don't know, A LOT goes into those shots.

Together, after marrying, they found their love in Weddings and decided to photograph as a couple, for couples.

And along the way, have had two little girls, and now a dog, Bella.